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Solar Axis Tarcker Turnkey Solutions in India

A solar tracker is a device for orienting a solar photovoltaic panel toward the sun. The sun's position in the sky varies both with the seasons and time of day as the sun moves across the sky.

Solar powered equipment works best when pointed at or near the sun, so a solar tracker can increase the effectiveness of such equipment over any fixed position.

Solar and Green Power Solutions based on fixed still designs lose insolation due to effect on shadowing and movement of the sun. This effect is even more pronounced as due to the effect of even partial shading, output of panels goes below minimum threshold lowering output to even greater extent.

Axis tracker moves the panels in a way which leads to an energy boost of upto 25%.

Axis Tracker solution recovers its cost in about 3-4 years hence proving to be a very economical choice at the time of installation.