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Solar Cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning in India

Solar Cooling, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning products and Solutions

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning

Offering the first of its kind in India, Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning is an innovative technology that will reduce your energy costs tremendously. Our system uses a roof mounted solar thermal collector panel to assist a high-efficiency compressor. By using the power of the sun, we can significantly reduce your electrical consumption. Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners are ideally suited for Indian climatic Conditions and offer 30-40% savings in power consumption.

Solar PV Air Conditioning

The PV solar air conditioner uses a hermetically sealed permanent magnet brushless DC compressor for maximum service life. Specially designed controls and a digital frequency driver send power to the compressor using alternating pulses of DC current at a rate between 25 Hz and 125 Hz, depending on requirements, matching the compressor capacity to the operating conditions. By contrast, a normal air conditioner with a fixed capacity must run at a steady 50/60 Hz AC and must continually turn itself on and off to satisfy the thermostat, wasting energy.

Absorption Chillers

Sunlight is reflected and focused on narrow water pipes running throughout the thermal collector, which raises the water temperature. This hot water is used to: 1) Power revolutionary solar air-conditioning through the use of a 5-ton to 1500-ton absorption chiller during summers.
2) Generate hot air for heating needs during winters.
3) Hot Water all the year round.
Except for a few pumps, the system is entirely passive, has no moving parts and requires no electrical input.