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Solar and Green Power Solution Equipment in India

We provide all the equipment, instrumentation and monitoring tools required for a grid tied Solar Photovoltaic Equipment. List of tools and equipment that we offer are:

  • Photovoltaic Modules
    • Monocrystalline
    • Polycrystalline
    • Thin film (a-Si, TF-Si, CdTe, CIS or CIGS, Dye Sensitized)
  • Inverters
    • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
    • Grid tie inverters (String and Central)
    • Charge controllers
  • Connectors
    • Cable Connectors
    • Panel Connectors
    • Branch Connectors
  • Junction Box
    • PV Junction Box for Crystalline Modules
    • PV Junction Box for BIPV Applications
  • Interfaces and Protection Devices
    • Terminal Boxes
    • Surge Protection
    • Signal Protection and Remote Sensing
    • Multifunctional Tools and Solar Cables
  • Racking, Mounting and Balance of System Hardware
  • Axis Tracker Software,Hardware and Monitoring Equipment
    • Single Axis Tracker
    • Dual Axis Tracker