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Solar Water Heating Solutions in India

Solar thermal technologies hold significant promise for India with high solar insolation of 4 6.5 kWh/ sq.m /day for an average of 280 sunny days. Solar water heating system is a commercially viable and technologically mature product which has existed in the country for many years.

Use of hot water is common for residential applications in cooler regions of the country. In urban and semi urban areas also, the hot water use is becoming a part of the life style. In all these areas water is normally heated up with electricity which is expensive and is not available for 24 X 7. Therefore, solar water heating system can be a suitable alternative to meet the growing hot water demand requirement in the country without exerting further demand pressure on electricity generation capacity in the country.

It is necessary to have solar water heating system with the right technology, features and capacity to ensure a long term reliable and smooth operation of the system. Installation of the solar water heater in the right manner, suitable for the specific site conditions is very important for optimal performance of the system.

Solar water heaters are available in two different technologies known as Flat Plate Collector technology (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collector technology (ETC).